PhD Students

PhD students


Szekely Diana since 2014

Ibram Orhan since 2015

Telea Alexandra since 2016


Hartel Tiberiu
Curriculum Vitae | Ad Astra page

Plăiaşu Rodica
Thesis title: Habitat availability and habitat use by amphibian communities
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Tudor Marian
Thesis title: The study of herpetofauna in Dobrogea

Băncilă Raluca Ioana
Thesis title: New methods and techniques used in biodiversity monitoring
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Preda Cristina
Thesis title: Monitoring invasive species in Constanta county
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Buica Gabriel
Thesis title: The study of an isolated population of Testudo graeca

Samoilă Ciprian
Thesis title: Biodiversity management using GIS techniques

Stanescu Florina
Thesis title: Adaptive strategies in amphibians living under environmental stress

Buhaciuc Elena
Thesis title: Life cycle evolutive characteristics of amphibians living in syntopy

Iosif Ruben
Thesis title: Usefulness of spatial models in biodiversity management: case studies on amphibians and reptiles

Memedemin Daniyar
Thesis title: Alien plant species in Dobrogea


Hartel Tiberiu (2010-2013)

Rosioru Daniela (2010-2013)